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Vandalia Elementary School Staff


2017-2018 Staff Members

Stacy Mesnard
VES Principal
E-Mail: smesnard@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1503

Larry Emerick
VES Assistant Principal
E-Mail: lemerick@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1504

Maggie Abendroth
3rd Grade
E-Mail: mabendroth@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1511

Susie Augenstein
Special Ed Aide
E-Mail: saugenstein@vandals203.org
Phone ext.:

Lori Cortelloni
E-Mail: lcortelloni@vandals203.org

Phone ext.: 1501

Jaclyn Daniels
1st Grade
E-Mail: jdaniels@vandals203.org

Phone ext.: 1515

Terri Davison
E-Mail: tdavison@vandals203.org

Phone ext.: 1500

Ashley Devaisher
2nd and 3rd Grade Special Ed
E-Mail: adevaisher@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1533

Joal Donaldson
Computer Teacher
E-Mail: jdonaldson@vandals203.org

Phone ext.: 1516

Micki Durbin
Special Ed. Aide
E-Mail: mdurbin@vandals203.org
Phone ext.:

Jessica Eckard
3rd Grade
E-Mail: jeckard@vandals203.org

Phone ext.: 1517

Tara Eyman
Library Aide
E-Mail: teyman@vandals203.org

Phone ext.: 1520

Jackie Goodman
Reading K & 1st Grade
E-Mail: jgoodman@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1522

Amy Graumenz
1st Grade
E-Mail: agraumenz@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1523

Deb Hall
Title 1 Reading
E-Mail: dhall@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1524

Tammy Hall
E-Mail: thall@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1525

Katrina Hanke
VES & VCHS Guidance Counselor, Cheerleading Coach
E-Mail: khanke@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1513

Kelley Hopwood
3rd Grade
E-Mail: khopwood@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1526

Whitney Huggins
Prek, Early CHildhood
E-Mail: whiggins@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1521

Amy Jackson
Title 1 Reading
E-Mail: ajjackson@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1527

Jill Jewell
2nd Grade
E-Mail: jjewell@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1528

Deb Kelly
Special Ed Aide
E-Mail: dkelly@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1555

Julie Kershaw
Special Ed Aide
E-Mail: jkershaw@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1528

Sandra Kleinik
Playground Supervisor
E-Mail: skleinik@vandals203.org

Anita Lidy
Speech / Language
E-Mail: alidy@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1535

Jeana Lotz
E-Mail: jclotz@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1537

Tammy McKinney
1st Grade
E-Mail: tmckinney@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1537

Heidi Miles
Pre-K Aide
E-Mail: hmiles@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1511

Carla Newcomb
2nd Grade
E-Mail: cnewcomb@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1540

Beth O'Brien-Schmidt
1st Grade
E-Mail: boschmidt@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1541

Kim Peppler
Speech / Language
E-Mail: kpeppler@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1542

Misty Philpot
3rd Grade
E-Mail: mphilpot@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1543

Emma Sue Rabe
Title 1 Parent Educator
E-Mail: erabe@vandals203.org

Shelli Ratermann
3rd Grade
E-Mail: sratermann@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1545

Melody Reynolds
Pre-K Aide
E-Mail: mreynolds@vandals203.org

Lisa Robbins
E-Mail: lrobbins@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1547

Elsie Sarchet
Special Ed Aide
E-Mail: esarchet@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1536

Jeannie Schmitt
Kindergarten and 1st Special Ed
E-Mail: jeschmitt@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1549

Alissa Segrest
Special Ed
E-Mail: asegrest@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1550

Carl Shreve
E-Mail: cshreve@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1551

Stephanie Smith
1st Grade
E-Mail: slsmith@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1552

Jami Steel
E-Mail: jsteele@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1553

Danielle Stone
E-Mail: dstone@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1556

Sha Tedrick
E-Mail: stedrick@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1557

Kim Warner
Special Ed Aide
E-Mail: kwarner@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1555

Joni Warren
2nd Grade
E-Mail: jwarren@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1559

Lori Watson
E-Mail: lwatson@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1560

Kim Well
Title 1 Reading
E-Mail: lwell@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1561

Laurie Wells
2nd Grade
E-Mail: lwells@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1562

Anita Wilson
Special Ed Aide
E-Mail: awilson@vandals203.org
Phone ext:

Jessica York
Prek, Early Childhood
E-Mail: jyork@vandals203.org
Phone ext.: 1519

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