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CJ Schmidt

CJ Schmidt, 8 days ago

Our website and email services are back up and live! We are back online, if you are still having trouble viewing the website you may need to clear your cache. Sorry for the delay. Chipman- Tech Director

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CJ Schmidt

CJ Schmidt, 10 days ago

IMPORTANT: Our website and RECEIVING emails are down currently. I have contacted our Domain Host and they informed that it will be up to 24 hrs before we are back online. Our host said that this was something on their end and sorry for the inconvenience. Chipman- Tech Director

CJ Schmidt

CJ Schmidt, 13 days ago

Tools for School 2020 information:

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Stacy Mesnard

Stacy Mesnard, 14 days ago

Hello Everyone! I want to remind you that online registration for our district begins tomorrow, Tuesday, July 20. There is a link on the district website to access this. I do want to let you know that all students who register for school grades K-3 have been placed in my homeroom for now and their teacher will be listed as Mesnard. That's right - I will be the teacher for all of my 500 plus students! :) How fun for me! I did it this way because at this moment I have no idea how many students will register for Option 1 - In Person Learning or Option 2 - All-In Remote Learning. At the end of the registration period - around August 10 - I will place all In Person Learning students (K-3) in a specific teachers' classroom and then post those lists online and outside of the school building. All of the All-In Remote Learning students (K-5) will be placed in Mrs. Philpot's classroom. I want to make homeroom classes as equitable as possible as far as numbers and boy/girl ratio, while also equalizing the Monday/Wednesday rosters for students with a last name beginning with A-L and the Tuesday/Thursday rosters for students with a last name beginning with M-Z.

PreK students are handled a little differently. They will not have the option to register for the All-In Remote Learning so they are registering for the In Person Instruction only and following the M/W or T/T schedule like the rest of the children. The PreK teachers are Mrs. Huggins, Mrs. Kinkead (formerly Mrs. Laurent), and Mrs. Gomez. The PreK students' registration page online may reflect one of these teachers' names or it could say Mesnard. Either way they will all have one of the three teachers listed above. If they attended our PreK last during the 2019-2020 school year, the teacher will remain the same as last year's teacher.

Another thing I want to make clear is that the All-In Remote Learning option is for students who will be doing all of their schooling at home. This does not mean they are "homeschooling" however; it simply means they are getting their education from VCUSD #203 completely in an online format being taught by Mrs. Philpot (K-5) who is a VCUSD #203 employee. She will be using the same curriculum as teachers teaching students who register for the In Person Learning (what we think of as "normal school"). If you register your child for this option you will be making a commitment for the first semester. You will have the option of choosing again in January 2021.

If you do not want to access online registration, that is fine also. We will be conducting in person registration in the VES office according to the following schedule: Please ring the doorbell when you arrive.
Kindergarten - Aug. 3; 1st grade - Aug. 4; 2nd grade - Aug. 5; 3rd grade - Aug. 6, Pre-K - Aug. 7. All of these days are from 8:00-3:00.

I will try to answer any questions you may have but please remember to be patient with me as I will reply when time allows. Mrs. Mesnard, Principal

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