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CJ Schmidt

CJ Schmidt, 8 days ago

Our website and email services are back up and live! We are back online, if you are still having trouble viewing the website you may need to clear your cache. Sorry for the delay. Chipman- Tech Director

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CJ Schmidt

CJ Schmidt, 10 days ago

IMPORTANT: Our website and RECEIVING emails are down currently. I have contacted our Domain Host and they informed that it will be up to 24 hrs before we are back online. Our host said that this was something on their end and sorry for the inconvenience. Chipman- Tech Director

CJ Schmidt

CJ Schmidt, 13 days ago

Tools for School 2020 information:

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Julie Lay

Julie Lay, 14 days ago

VCUSD#203 Online Registration will begin tomorrow, Tuesday, July 21, 2020.

Registration will take place online using our school management system, Teacherease. To complete registration items, please sign in to the Parent Portal at If you do not have a Parent Portal Account, please contact your child's school.

You may also register in-person at the following buildings and times:

VES In-Person Registration Times
● Kindergarten: 8/3/30 - 8am-3pm
● 1st Grade: 8/4/20 - 8am-3pm
● 2nd Grade: 8/5/20 - 8am-3pm
● 3rd Grade: 8/6/20 - 8am-3pm
● PreK - 8/7/20 - 8am-3pm

VJHS In-Person Registration:
● 4th Grade: 8/3/30 - 8am-3pm
● 5th Grade: 8/4/20 - 8am-3pm
● 6th Grade: 8/5/20 - 8am-3pm
● 7th Grade: 8/6/20 - 8am-3pm
● 8th Grade: 8/7/20 - 8am-3pm

VCHS In-Person Registration:
● Freshman 8/3/20 - 8am-3pm
● Sophomore 8/4/20 - 8am-3pm
● Junior 8/5/20 - 8am-3pm
● Senior 8/6/20 - 8am-3pm
● Overflow day 8/7/20 8am-3pm

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